September 23, 2016

I think the coming year is going to be another relatively low-key cosplay year. I'm starting to think about next year's cosplay plans. So far I've decided that I'm definitely going to be cosplaying You from Love Live Sunshine! at some point! I have fallen way deeper into LLS hell than I thought I would. Not sure which version I want to do yet.

Info and/or photo updates have been made to the following costume:
# Diana

New reviews have also been added to the Wigs & Extensions:
# Other: Eros (autumn organge)
# Wigs: Persephone (black)

August 18, 2016

Another Otakuthon has come and gone. The con was a lot of fun, although next year I really have to start working on cosplay a lot earlier in the year. Having a real full time job and sewing three costumes until the very last minute was not a fun experience. Anyway, on to photos! More updates to come soon!

Three new costumes has been added to the completed section.
# Sento Isuzu
# Maya Fey
# Diana