May 15, 2017

I've finally gotten around to updating the website layout! I'm still working on some tweaks (the gallery in particular needs to be be revamped), but it'll hopefully be a bit more mobile friendly now.

Coslay plans for this year are coming along. I've updated the In Progress and Planning sections for what I'm hoping to get done this year. I've tentatively decided to attend Otakon this year, so final plans will be based on that. For more up-to-date WIP, you can check out my tumblr.

New reviews have been added to the Wigs & Extensions and Contact Lenses sections:
# Wigs: Phoebe (white)
# Wigs: Love Live!! Sunshine! Watanabe You
# Contacts: GBT Sky Blue
# Contacts: Pretty Crystal Brown
September 23, 2016

I think the coming year is going to be another relatively low-key cosplay year. I'm starting to think about next year's cosplay plans. So far I've decided that I'm definitely going to be cosplaying You from Love Live Sunshine! at some point! I have fallen way deeper into LLS hell than I thought I would. Not sure which version I want to do yet.

Info and/or photo updates have been made to the following costume:
# Diana

New reviews have also been added to the Wigs & Extensions:
# Other: Eros (autumn organge)
# Wigs: Persephone (black)